Everyone has to start somewhere

Well, my first blog post.
If you are reading this you probably already know me one way or another, so you won’t mind that it is pretty thin in places.
I really just wanted to get off the mark and give you something to read. That way, I hope, you won’t feel as though it was a waste of time visiting my site. I endeavour to keep you entertained, well most of you, and I hope my views and opinions (Rants!) don’t offend anyone. I warn you in advance that the theme of my blogs will probably develop a fairly regular pattern of, and in no particular order; Man City, Uni, Family, Current Affairs and occasionally (too occasionally for my liking) Travel.
That is pretty much me, I hope you find something you like and feel compelled to come back again.

But for now I must turn my literary skills to essay writing, I have a Youth Studies essay to start.

Thanks for looking.

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About bluemoon1982

In a nutshell I am a Man City supporting, family man. I have been blessed with a beautiful daughter and a gorgeous wife that sometimes leave me wondering what I have done to deserve them. I have a huge passion for travel, foreign culture and contemporary World affairs, as well as the Mighty City. I'm currently doing a degree in Early Childhood Studies and Youth Studies towards becoming a Teacher. Thanks for looking.

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