France: Veiled (Muslim) women – outlawed.

To those that agree or are even ‘happy’ that France has banned the Burka and the Niqab, this is my opinion.

It is very problematic to judge the beliefs and behaviour of others by your own. Not understanding something, or feeling intimidated by it because it is different, is not justification to write it off as silly or fake. Religious belief, as with a lot of opinions, is as real as the person that holds them and as much as you or I are free to express our opinions, people should be free to practice in a way they see fit, just as long as it doesn’t directly impact or impede on other people’s way of life. In reality it is only 2000 of France’s 5 million Muslims that choose to wear the full face veils. Unfortunately, as a minority they will now be further removed from the society that often criticises them for not integrating. These women may now be unable to leave their houses, because their husbands won’t allow them to, uncovered. Whether others think this is right or wrong, it will happen. This ban doesn’t serve to free these women from the oppression of their husbands and fathers, as some have suggested, it compounds it.

I think the biggest question is, is this a law against covering your face or against Muslim women covering their faces? (A. It is the latter) So if one of these ‘pesky terrorists’ (to coin a phrase my brother used in a recent conversation) doesn’t fit the physical profile of a ‘typical Muslim’, decides to cover his face with a scarf, he won’t be stopped. What does this law solve???

Thanks for looking.

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One thought on “France: Veiled (Muslim) women – outlawed.

  1. Unfortunately because of terrorism, countries and other faiths, have all wrongly or rightly become more aware of the threats that are around us! Thus paranoia comes into our lives. As it is a minority that continue to pursue this way of life and continue to mask themselves from the general public. I feel that it is only right to protect the mass majority from the vulnerability that the burka provides.

    Absolutely nothing against religions or faiths. But suicide bombers are now part of our world and this is just a precaution for protection.

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