Bye Bye high Sky costs and fuzzy streams, hello!

As you may already be aware, I am a huge Manchester City supporter. When it comes to watching them on TV I am quite lucky because their games are regularly screened on Sky. However, to state the obvious, Sky comes at a cost and being a bit of a penny-pincher (AKA tight according to my wife) I choose not to pay for Sky Sports. Instead I opt for the free option, spending the 30 minutes leading up to kick off scouring the web for a decent quality feed of the match. I usually manage to find a site which is showing the game and sometimes I am lucky and the commentary is in English. But, the picture is grainy at best, it often freezes to buffer (usually when City are on the break) and sometimes the stream gets taken down altogether and the search begins again.

It looks as though all that is about to become a thing of the past. I have come across this site: which was set up by a fellow football fan who was experiencing similar problems to the ones I have described. The site not only provides excellent quality feeds for every Premier League match (not just the mighty MCFC), even 3pm Saturday games, they also show selected games from both European cups, English domestic cups and games from other leagues around Europe. Like Sky there is a cost involved, unlike Sky who charge approx. £25 per month, the charge is just £7.95 PER YEAR!!! Plus, because it is online you can watch from anywhere you can get an internet connection. – Find out more and sign up here 


Thanks for looking.

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About bluemoon1982

In a nutshell I am a Man City supporting, family man. I have been blessed with a beautiful daughter and a gorgeous wife that sometimes leave me wondering what I have done to deserve them. I have a huge passion for travel, foreign culture and contemporary World affairs, as well as the Mighty City. I'm currently doing a degree in Early Childhood Studies and Youth Studies towards becoming a Teacher. Thanks for looking.

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